Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Up North

This weekend we went up north to see my Grama and Poppa and so my Grandpa could take me ice fishing. It was so much fun, cold, but fun. I wasn't too patient waiting for all the fish. EWWWWW, did you know they are slimy? I didn't want to touch any. After Mom and I left the ice, Daddy and Grandpa caught a lot.

While at Grama's I slept in my own room in the big girl bunk bed. Everyone was so proud and excited for me. I like sleeping in there. On Sunday Poppa took all of us to eat pancakes, they were yummy.

My Grandpa gave me a guitar. I'm still a little small for it, but Daddy is going to learn to play so he can teach me when I am big, maybe 5.

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