Monday, February 01, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend. Saturday mommy took me to GeGe's house for lunch and I got to see my Grandma too. But we had to leave so I could make it to my playdate at Harper's house. She has a fun house, we had a great time. Then on Sunday, mommy and daddy took me to the movies!!! We saw Princess and the Frog and we ate popcorn and yucky/yummy candy. (Mom's Note: Yucky/yummy candy = Sour patch kids, she would bite into each one and say yucky, but would keep eating it. She must of eaten half the bag) Here are some pictures of my playdate at Harper's house.

We set up a grocery store where they took turns being cashier and shopper.

They couldn't find the money. But Harper knew where her Daddy keeps the credit card.

Mike plays the piano, here is Emily's first lesson.

Then it was time to relax. Elmo-Time at Harper's house.

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