Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Three years old = A+ from Dr. B!!!!

Height: 3 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 31 lbs.
Clothing: 3T-4T
Show size: 8
Hemangioma update: The dermatologist doesn’t need to see her back in the office until she starts Kindergarten. YEAH!! The hemangioma is in the plateau stage. Which means it is not growing, nor is it shrinking yet. For now we just keep an eye on it. It will change with her mood and with the weather, but for the most part you’d never know that she has it.
Other: We have found a few times in her three years that she is allergic to peaches. Though it is not every time she eats them. So the pediatrician has suggested we take her to an allergist. It could be an allergy that is dormant until she exposed to other elements. Weird I know, so we will find out the answer.

Stay tuned for pictures of Emily’s new “big girl” room.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A look into Emily’s life as a three year old.
• LOVES Snow White
• Can drink chocolate milk faster than anyone I know.
• Climbs anything and everything, including Daddy. He is her personal jungle gym.
• Can get dressed and undressed all by herself. And insists to do so.
• Never stops talking. EVER.
• Loves books. Especially at bedtime.
• Can't wait to go to school and ride a school bus.
• Asks when eating “Will this make me big?
• Rarely eats meat.
• Loves to play her board games and do her “cards” (Flashcards)
• Loves to hug on Maiden, and Jordan when she lets her.
• Loves stickers and puzzles.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Growing up so fast.

I can't believe in three weeks, Emily will be three years old. Time has flown by so fast. It seems like yesterday that James and I brought her home from the hospital. Before we know it, we will be taking her to her first day of school. She has grown up a lot in the last year, as you know if you are a regular reader of our blog. She is now ready for a "bigger girl" bed, which we will let her pick out her own bedding set for her birthday. She is requesting purple with butterflies, so we'll see what we can find. She is also asking for a baby sister for her birthday. It is very hard to explain to her why she can't have one, but we are doing our best. I do believe she is a little young for the birds and bees talk. Though she is not too young to learn how to play on a computer. See video below. She is growing like a weed and is already wearing 3T clothes and some 4T things. She is still a picky eater when it comes to meat, but she is brave and will try new foods. Her vocabulary is remarkable, there aren't too many things she says that we don't understand. And she talks A LOT!!!! She is like having a little friend with me everywhere I go, we can talk about anything. Her hemangioma is at a stand still. She is no longer on medication, and we see the doctor in a few weeks for a check up. Once we know more, we'll keep you posted.

Disney on Ice

Aunt Sue took Mommy and me to see Disney on Ice. It was so much fun. I got to wear my Snow White costume. And eat popcorn.