Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A look into Emily’s life as a three year old.
• LOVES Snow White
• Can drink chocolate milk faster than anyone I know.
• Climbs anything and everything, including Daddy. He is her personal jungle gym.
• Can get dressed and undressed all by herself. And insists to do so.
• Never stops talking. EVER.
• Loves books. Especially at bedtime.
• Can't wait to go to school and ride a school bus.
• Asks when eating “Will this make me big?
• Rarely eats meat.
• Loves to play her board games and do her “cards” (Flashcards)
• Loves to hug on Maiden, and Jordan when she lets her.
• Loves stickers and puzzles.

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Sarah, Mike and Harper said...

Happy Birthday to you Emily!! Come over and play soon!
Love, Harper