Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Break...Here I come! (or not)

Cancun?….Panama City?….South Padre Island?… NOPE, not for me this year. Mom and Dad say that I am still too young for Spring Break ’09. I guess I’ll have to wait for Spring Break ’27. By then I’ll be at least 20 years old and will be able to enjoy myself, sans parents. So instead, I get to spend the whole week with my daddy. YEAH!!! I think he has some fun stuff planned for us. Maybe a visit to see Mom at work. I do have to see my plastic surgeon that week, my hemangioma seems to have a mind of it’s own and doesn’t want to stop being active. So far I am enjoying being 2. My doctor says I am in perfect shape. All 25 pounds/32.5 inches of me. Next big adventure…potty training. I really like to use my potty chair, so my dad says that this summer I will be diaper free. We’ll see. I’m not ready for my toddler bed yet, I still enjoy the bars of crib life. Which is fine by mom and dad. I’ll keep you all posted on future in devours. — Emily

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