Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday night Mommy and Daddy took me on a weird adventrure. I had to get all dressed up, get lots of pictures taken and then go around asking people for candy. It was actually quite fun. Mommy would take me up to a door, I would say "teetteet" and they put candy in my bucket. Then I politely said "tank-oo".
Mom's note: Emily did awesome... she did exactly as she said above, but once we stepped off the porch she would take out that piece of candy and carry it to the next house. Once her bucket was too heavy, she dragged it. She wouldn't let us touch the bucket, it was all hers. Or as she says "Miiine!" After awhile we had to distract her to get some of the candy out and stuff my coat pockets, just so she could carry her bucket again. She had a great time, next year will be even better when she can actually keep up with Jillian and Julia.

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