Friday, October 03, 2008

Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

I had my 18 month check up, and Dr. B says I am perfect. I weigh 20lbs. 6oz. and am 31 inches tall. And I only had to have one shot, the flu shot. So now I don't need to go back until I am 2!

I also saw the plastic surgeon for one of my nose treatments. We were at the hospital a long time. They accidently went out of order, so instead of being first, I was last. Daddy was very impatient which made me impatient. But it all turned out OK in the end. They only did lasers this time. So my nose is a little bruised and swollen, but my hemangioma is not growing. Now the doctors will just keep checking up on me every couple months to see how I am doing. But he doesn't think I will need any reconstructive surgery. YEAH!!!!

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