Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

Sixteen months, that is!
Weight: 18 lbs 10 oz.— -5%-tile (not a typo, Emily has lost weight due to her high activity)
Height: 30-3/4 inches — 50%-tile
Teeth: only 7
New obsessions: Kittys. Baby dolls. And did I mention Kittys... Emily loves to play with her "baby", she gives baby a bottle and makes sure her socks are on and even puts her "night-night" on the blanket (that must be perfectly spread out on the floor, and she gets upset if she can't do it herself). If she is not playing with Baby she is loving on "May-May" (Maiden). "meow, meow, meow" is a word we hear constantly. Emily is definitely from our genes, she loves to be outside.
New words: Too many to list.
"I Can't Believe It": Emily tells us when she has gone potty. I never thought I'd hear the word "poopoo" at 16 months old. And in case you were wondering...NO I am not going to start potty-training.
Hemangioma update: On June 30, we had another treatment, they did steroids and lasers this time. Her nose is looking so much better.. We hope it stops growing soon. The average age is 18 months for it to stop. We have another treatment scheduled for October 1.
Picture taken by Mary Kukuk.

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