Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Stats

Weight: 18 lbs — 10%-tile
Height: 29 inches — 50%-tile
Teeth: 4! The top two came in at the same time. She loves her nightly brushing ritual with daddy.
Eating: Emily is eating mostly table food now. She still gets her oatmeal and fruit in the morning with a bottle of milk. No more formula! During the day she gets a sippy cup with either milk or water. And another bottle at night. She loves yogurt and cheese.
New obsessions: DADDY! Emily just spent a whole week with dad while he was on spring break from school. Now she screams and cries when ever he leaves. Her other obsession is SHOES. Wearing them, carrying them, doesn't matter...
New words: shoes, elmo, deer. Yes, you guessed it, all those dead animals on my living room wall had a purpose..for dad to teach Emily the word "deer".

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