Monday, November 05, 2007

Guess what??

I have my first tooth. Saturday afternoon, mom decided to stick her finger in my mouth and there it was.
I haven't been too cranky, but I am tired of this darn runny nose. Mom and Dad are tired too, no one told me about this time change thing, so I have been getting up at 5am. Other than that, I've been behaving myself.
What else is going on in my life you ask, well let me tell you...
I have been crawling all over the place, my house is bigger than I thought. I have mastered the step from the living room to the kitchen, working on my way going down the step. I can pull myself up on to the furniture and anything else that will stand still. It won't be long before I start walking, then watch out.
I have my next nose surgery on Wednesday...I wonder what dad will buy me after this one?!? These are going really well, my hemangioma isn't growing, so all that they are doing is working. Mom says she'll get new pictures posted soon.

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