Thursday, March 31, 2011

4 years old, Where does the time go?

Emily's 4 year check up was a huge success!

Weight: 36 lbs = 58%
Height: 3' 5 1/4" inches = 80% (Oh Yeah!)

Unfortunately she did have to get 4 shots, but she was such a trooper and didn't cry until the very last one, the MMR, the nurse said that everyone cries with that one because it stings really bad, with that Emily got to have 2 stickers when we were done. We are very proud of her! :)

Emily really loves science, she even asked for a telescope for her birthday, Aunt Sue got her a telescope/mircoscope for a present and she loves it. She can't wait for it to get warm out so she can ride her scooter on the sidewalks. She is still a nonstop chatter box and loves to tell stories, long stories. :) She still wont eat eggs, but will try chicken every now and then, which is a step forward. She knows all her letters, upper and lower case, and we are working on the sounds they make. And also practicing writing them. She still loves going to Miss Norma's house everyday, she is now the older kid in the house and loves to teach and help with all the little ones.

Her hemangioma is still in the same stage it has been for a few years, meaning it still has active blood flow. She is still on her Propranalol and will have another steroid treatment in April. We are just waiting for the "trigger" to turn off in her body so the hemangioma will stop. But for now it is a waiting game, and you can't even tell it is there most days due to the medication. :)

I vow to keep this blog updated more often now that it will be Spring and we can get out a do more things. Check back soon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011