Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mommy Lesson of the Week

Since so many new things happen every day with Emily, I'm going to try and make this a weekly entry.

First entry:
Emily will eat anything...with ketchup!

I haven't been able to get Emily to eat chicken or eggs, ironically...the two foods I could not eat while pregnant. This week, I got Emily to eat at least a few bites of chicken with a big blog of ketchup to dip it in.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So are the days of our lives….

Mom and I have been spending a lot of time together. It’s FOOTBALL season. Dad is a football coach, if some of you didn’t know. So every night he has practice and Thursday and Friday are game nights. (Emily’s new favorite word is football). I went to go watch daddy coach, but we didn’t stay long. Apparently daughters aren’t allowed on the field during the game, so Mom made us leave after my constant attempts to get on the field. (She was like a crazed teen trying to get on the stage at a NKOTB concert. Hehe)

Some good news…. I have a new cousin. Lucas Lee Leusby was born September 5. Because Lucas lives in Alabama with my Uncle Ryan and Jasmine, I haven’t met him yet, nor have we seen any pictures. (Ryan just bought a new digital camera and is trying to upload them to a computer for all of us) Daddy says if they don’t come to Michigan for Christmas, we will go see them on his Spring Break from school. I guess that means no Cancun for me this year, still too young for that. My Grama Jan is leaving October 5 to go visit them, but not before spending a little bit of time with me. She is going to babysit while Mom takes Dad out for his birthday. The big 32!!!! That’s a lot more candles than I had at my party.

Next week I turn 18 months. WOW does time fly, it seems like yesterday I was floating around in my nice warm waterbed in Mommy’s belly. I go to the doctor on Thursday for my checkup. I sure hope they don’t give me any shots. (They will.) And I will get to see how much weight I’ve gained. My next nose surgery is October 1. It hasn’t grown since my last treatment, so this time they will probably just do the lasers. (Then they will decide if she needs reconstructive surgery or not.)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Our trip to the zoo

Mom and Grama Jan took me to the zoo. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of our day.

Country Girl

Emily loves corn on the cob.

Potty Time

Well... we couldn't hold back. Emily likes to sit on her potty. We'll spare you the actual peepee shot.

Smarty Pants

Meeting the Thompson side of the family

It has been awhile but we were finally able to get together with the Thompson side of the family. Here Emily is with Great Aunt Gayle and Great Aunt Sharon. Mom is in there too.

Updated Photos

Sorry we haven't updated our photos in a while..

Water park fun

Climbing trees with dad

Helping in the garden

Watering Grama's flowers

Emily and Aunt Sue