Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Emily Grace..age 14 months

I am growing up so fast. I am 14 months old and have 6 teeth now. I wear a size 3 diaper, because I am only 19.5 pounds. But I was able to be turned around to the forward facing position in my car seat. YEAH!!! This way is so much better. I added a few words to my vocabulary, ball...bottle (though I don't take a bottle anymore)...socks...hello (sounds like "allo") love to give kisses, I can even throw a few when I am in the mood.

(Emily loves to talk on the phone, she has her own play cell phone that she can flip open put it to her ear and say "allo". We are working on body parts, she loves to lift your shirt to show you your belly. Not so interested in her own belly. She knows her ear, eye and nose. Emily's hemangioma is still in the growing stage and we hope it will stop by the time she turns 18 months. We are still doing laser treatments for the coloring, but they stopped the steroids because her skin is too thin to continue. We go back on June 30 for another treatments and to see where we go from there. Emily is constantly on the move, she hardly ever sits still (unless it's to eat, she loves to eat) We try to sit and read books together, but by page 3 she is down and on to the next toy.)

My 1st pedi....

I went to a birthday party where the theme was polka-dots. We all got pedicures.

Emily and Zach

Zach came over for a while and we got tired, so we put our p.j.'s on.

Brush Brush Brush!

I love to brush my teeth. Every night daddy and I brush our teeth before I go to bed. My favorite part is rinsing my toothbrush in the faucet.