Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Walk the Line

Daddy is really anxious for me to walk. Mommy tells him that "he'll be sorry".... I'm not sure what that means.


Mommy and Daddy let me try some real food. Here I am with a breadstick. It was pretty good.

Bath time!

My Poppa!

Here I am with my Poppa.

More doggies

My Aunt Kristin has a puppy too. His name is Skipper. Yup, that's him the one in the cool camo outfit. He is also hiding in the my Uncle Scotts lap, can you see him?

Ring that bell!

For those of you who don't know the story behind the bells....
We put bells by the door when we got Jordan as a puppy so she could ring them to go out.
The cat, Maiden, picked up on the idea in about a day or two. We have had Jordan for over two years now and she hasn't used the bells once. As soon as Emily learned how to crawl, she got it!!!